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Side Hustled 32/32

Side Hustled 32/32 published on 2 Comments on Side Hustled 32/32

One last cameo! Our final MLM rep is Herringbone from Joe is Dead, a comic about pirates dealing with the death of, you guessed it, Joe.

Thorn: These groups aren’t so obviously scammy that they’re getting investigated and shut down . . . at least, not most of them . . . not yet.

Kale: I mean, not surprising? Northwind also got in your head in ways that were really subtle. At first. Until they weren’t. I’ll look into this — thanks.

Final MLM rep: Hey, your sunglasses look really cool —

Kale: NO.

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Kudos on this storyline. I thought it seemed like a bit of a non sequitur at first (though I love dunking on MLMs as a concept), but it has in fact embraced all of the characters involved nicely, advances relationships, and gave fresh insights into the characters.

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