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Side Hustled 6/32

Side Hustled 6/32 published on 11 Comments on Side Hustled 6/32

Rowan and Violet’s shared apartment.


Rowan (thinking): Oh, hey, a call from the twins . . . Okay, time to guess what my siblings are shocked and horrified about this week.

Rosie (imagined): “Diseases aren’t spread by contagious germs, they’re spread by contagious vaccines!”

Rhodey (imagined): “The feds are distracting us from the underground sewer network where they imprison the mole children!”

Rosie: Rowan!! Are you seriously dating the guy who runs MCLIS?

Rhodey: Also: are you seriously dating?

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I’m disconcerted and a little depressed that even Ceannis has antivaxxers

Personally, I’m intrigued by the concept of the ‘underground sewer network’. Are the mole children imprisoned in the regular sewer network that everyone knows about, or is there a separate sewer network that is even more subterranean?

This is actually ‘underground’ in the sense that it’s hidden. The whole complex is actually built above ground because digging is expensive. It’s a “sewer network” to provide an appropriate habitat, because the mole children are not entirely accurately named.

(To be clear, I’m just taking stuff and running with it.)

I would be more concerned if they wouldn’t. So far it seems the level of freedom of speech is very high in Ceannis, which obviously results in lot of different opinions being presented, including very crazy ones.

Also, presumably Rowan exaggerates a little. The issues his siblings already raised are probably at least little more sane.

Ceannis puts a lot of value on facts and understanding and science literacy, so the percentage of people who get sucked into culty anti-science conspiracy theories is very low, much lower than it is in our world!

Also, they have much stronger regulations on things like “how much money can you make by promising vague-but-amazing benefits to people who buy your unregulated supplements?” So the financial incentive for grifters to prop up the field is much smaller.

Rosie and Rhodey aren’t part of any mainstream Ceannic plague-perpetuating, capitol-rioting hoax movements. They’re just a couple of fringe cranks.

Despite having worked in wastewater treatment for about a decade now, until imagined Rhodey mentioned the sewer network I never thought about what my job would be like in their world. Guess I’d be a magical girl working with spirits to separate waste, nutrients and drug residue from the water instead of having rakes, bacteria and active carbon do the same thing. ^^ Or maybe a combination of mechanical, spiritual and crystal treatment. I like the idea. 🙂

But where did the twins get the news about Rowan and Archie from? Oh wait, Alfhilds attack was not long ago, that made it to the news.

Water spirits to move and separate the water from the chaff make sense, but perhaps there would be stuff that’s too difficult for them to clean out.

For the more stubborn pollutants, fire spirits to perform evaporation filtration would also give you a good source of steam for turbines!

Evaporating all of the water is kind of overdone, but you’re on the right track. In reality there are some steps in between. Simplified: bacteria feed on small and dissolved pollutants and integrate it to the biomass, the resulting sludge is separated from the water, digested by other bacteria, dewatered and dried. Dry sludge and digester gas are combusted for cogeneration of heat and power. (Not every plant is the same and has every step, but as a general idea how this works).
Now magic could certainly replace some of the steps. What I’m mostly thinking about is if bacteria and water spirits coexist in the sewage. Guess the spirits would prefer clean water. And north of the mountains they couldn’t help anyway.

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