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Sink or Swim 11/29

Sink or Swim 11/29 published on 8 Comments on Sink or Swim 11/29

Thorn: Kale isn’t with you? Is anything wrong?

Leif: No, he’s . . .

MThorn: Did he say something about K-Kale?

Thorn: That they had a good talk, and now he’s walking himself home.

Enjoying the fresh air, now that he’s out of lockdown.

MThorn: “Lockdown”?

Thorn: Well, you see . . . there was a whole situation with . . .

Niamh (thinking): You should text Thorn that you’re not skipping dinner because you got murdered.

Kale: Good idea. He’ll worry.

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Huh? All I can think is that his parole has him on some sort of curfew? (Which seems, frankly, reasonable, but I’m not sure why Thorn wouldn’t already know, or why Leif would be so cagey about telling him, especially in Sonheic.)

I think Magical Thorn interrupted Leif’s response while Leif was pausing briefly, rather than Leif being cagey about anything. And it would make sense for Leif to not immediately have words on hand when Kale not coming is directly related to The Thing To Talk About Later.

I guess, we know that Magical Thorn would likely know Kale’s on parole, since it’s his counterpart’s fault he’s here, but while Leif knows he’s on parole, and probably knows that “his” Thorn knows he’s on parole, he wouldn’t necessarily know Magical Thorn knew, would he?

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