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Sink or Swim 12/29

Sink or Swim 12/29 published on 5 Comments on Sink or Swim 12/29

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Magical wallpaper

Thorn: Voice down when we’re talking about this, kid.

Leif’s bracelet: [Translating the menu]

MThorn: Right! Sorry. Who did it?

Thorn: An agent called Dexippus “Dex” Zikos. Do you have one of those?

MThorn: Maybe? There are lots of magical girls whose identities I don’t know.

Thorn: Their sister is one of my knights. Draws a heart-longsword. Pascentia Zikos?

MThorn: Oh, I know Pas! She’s on the sports team with me!

. . . And the dance team, and the glee club, and student council, and . . .

Thorn: That’s a longsword-wielder, all right.

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“The sports team.” Which sport exactly?

Maybe it’s the team for the students who haven’t decided which sport they like best (Or aren’t good at any of them but have to have an extracurricular for Reasons), so they get to try different sports in different seasons.

Of course, Pascentia already was on all the other dedicated sports teams at first, but she realised she couldn’t join dance or the glee club because they clashed with volleyball and ringette AND football AND lacrosse, so she thought this sampler team was the best of all worlds. It never occurred to her it would tend to be made of the kids dedicated sports groups think of as losers because, well, she doesn’t think like that.

And it just so happens that magical girls (of all genders) tend to already have trouble consistently making practice for other sports often enough to get really good, so they ended up on this same generic team.

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