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Sink or Swim 13/29

Sink or Swim 13/29 published on 3 Comments on Sink or Swim 13/29

Marula is referring to the arrest in No Moss, way back in volume 4. (Pre-pandemic and everything.)

Thorn (narrating): Kale’s life is back to normal now, because Dex is in custody . . .

Guard (offscreen): Zikos! Visitor for you!

Dex: Have we . . . met?

Marula: Ooh, heartsword-proof bars! I’ve been behind those. They’re the worst.

Dex: What were you in for?

Marula: I don’t even remember. Some kids got stabbed, or something?

Obviously I was just a suspect, I didn’t do it! If I stabbed them, I wouldn’t get caught.

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Bullshit. She definitely remembers.

She may have actually forgotten. Those kids weren’t really important (to Marula.)

Well, she DID comment on how noisy they were, when she was last talking with Juniper about it. So they did matter to her personally, in some fashion!

But also, it’s been kind of a long time since then, and she’s been very busy with her fun new job. I can see how she might forget some details about her previous lifestyle.

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