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Sink or Swim 14/29

Sink or Swim 14/29 published on 11 Comments on Sink or Swim 14/29

Dex: Same uniform as I used to wear on the job . . . Bad assassin jokes . . . The Order sent you to eliminate me?

Marula: I wish! . . . Well, I did get recruited by the Order. They like people with rare heartsword types. As you know, Dagger.

Dex: And who are you?

Marula: Marula Sheaver.

Dex: I mean, what heartsword type?

Marula: Guess!

Dex: No.

Marula: Anyway, they didn’t send me. I came on my own.

See, the government is gearing up to un-block Kudzu’s powers. Thought you might want to know.

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I feel like Marula is trying to set Dex up so they can try to kill Dex

or she just enjoys the thought of Dex squirming in a cell.

Or maybe she has a separate grudge against Kale?

Marula likes to rile people up, it’s true, but her MAIN motivation has always been trying to get in more situations where she can cut people up without any social consequences!
Last time we saw her, she was really miffed about Dex turning themself in, because it meant that all her months of guarding Hermosa and waiting for them to show up were “wasted” ( I think it’s quite likely that she’s trying to make up for that lost opportunity now!
The Order’s gonna be really, really, mad at her if they find out about this, though. The ONLY reason they recruited her in the first place was to stop her from coming up with convoluted schemes to create legitimate victims for her heart-bone-saw, and direct her towards existing legitimate victims instead (! If she’s back to her old, scheming, ways, that’s a sign that their attempt to control her has failed…and they may have to just quietly put her away for good.

Of course their attempt to control her failed. There are at least two very significant problems with their plan.

– They’ve been giving her very few legitimate targets to cut up.

– Their plan tries to control her, and she riles at being controlled.

Yes, the latter issue does kind of doom any effort to control her that she’s aware of.

*sigh* and this is why the Order probably shouldn’t have let her near any sensitive information ever. This definitely feels like “pouring gasoline on a fire just to watch the explosion” behavior. I suspect Dex will manage to not react the way she wants, but still a shitty situation for them.

No, in Marula’s defense, she actually wants to put the fire out in the worst way.

The big problem with that is she literally wants to put this fire out in the worst possible way.

Marula: “Why would I want to neutralize the target when I can Really PERMANENTLY Neutralize the target in a Dramatically Bloody and Much More Fun way?”

Hey, why only *one* target? This might be !Fun! enough she eliminates *two* future problems, or has them eliminate each other. And Thorn might be around, and maybe Juniper, and *who knows* how many targets / Persons of Interest / People Marula Wants To Do Haruspicy With might get caught in the crossfire!

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