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Sink or Swim 15/29

Sink or Swim 15/29 published on 7 Comments on Sink or Swim 15/29

Dex (thinking): Kudzu . . . the most dangerous magical boy in Ceannis, maybe in the World . . . And I’m not just saying that because he nearly killed my precious and brilliant husband.

Dex: Do you have any proof of this?

Marula: Nope!

Dex: What are you getting out of telling me?

Marula (thinking): Well, I did have a license to kill you — but since you voluntarily turned yourself in, I never got to use it.

Marula: Just indulging the goodness of my lil’ heart, I guess!

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Welp. Looks like Fixban was right.

Now for the next prediction Dex being the incredibly smart and super sneaky spy will turn this into a trap for Marula.

I’ll say this for Dex; they’re *definitely* one of the few people naturally suspicious enough not to fall for this stuff. Although, do they know how Marula was playing around with their charming and pleasant husband’s memory issues? I don’t recall Hermosa ever knowing for sure it was happening, but I seem to recall he took some protective measures even so.

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