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Sink or Swim 16/29

Sink or Swim 16/29 published on 8 Comments on Sink or Swim 16/29

Dex could find out all about “what’s going on with Kale?” if they just read the latest Leif & Thorn: Off-Shoots page.

(Might turn this into a recurring “what’s going on with Kale?” bonus feature. Stay tuned.)

Kale comic preview

Dex (thinking): It makes no sense. Why would the government ever risk turning Kudzu loose?! It’s so looney, you’d think they were trying to give the planet a third moon!

Agent M didn’t explain . . . or have any proof . . .

And this news couldn’t have hit harder if she opened a bespoke portal to my heart and punched me in it. She almost certainly made it all up to manipulate me!

Dex: Aaaaugh . . .

Dex (thinking): . . . It’s working.

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The feeling when you KNOW you’re being manipulated and the knowledge doesn’t help is Real

Oof. Feel that one hard. I am a strong empath, who ended up dating two narcissists. The second one was not physically violent, and I KNEW I was being gaslit and manipulated. It still took MONTHS and a strong support network to break free. F-ing narcissists. I’d like to light them all on fire.

I LOVE characters like Marula in fiction, who are well-known to be untrustworthy selfish liars by pretty much everybody important, but they EMBRACE it, and find ways to manipulate people ANYWAY. It’s a delightful twist on a common character archetype!

Add on the fact that she has found a position of semi-authority where she can arrange to do anything she likes … so long as it can be justified as “good” for the country or in “defense” of it’s citizens.

We know from the last page that she is only doing this because someone didn’t cancel the kill license on Dex after they gave themselves up. Marula had, and still has presumably, a legal chance to kill Dex and was prevented from doing it because of the surrender. She doesn’t like leaving things incomplete, since it means she failed to do something. A state of affairs that is irritating for her.

Yet, if the license had been rescinded, she would have immediately ignored Dex’s situation and found a new target to fixate on. The opportunity to kill would no longer be there and Marula wouldn’t waste time on Dex any more, other than occasional theoretical scenarios when she wasn’t busy. After all, I’m pretty sure she made a comment some time back about “always wondered if I could kill you” to one of the other Heartsword wielders.

She didn’t actually say whether or not that license got revoked. Though, if it was revoked, we can probably assume that it would be reinstated if Dex were to somehow escape, so it probably comes out to about the same regardless.

I’m actually starting to wonder if someone set Marula up to test Dex, because I feed like the people around Kale have been much more conscientious about information security than this incident implies.

in the war room president olive said for something as big as *AU Kudzu sending AU Thorn in to this reality*, she has to tell the other world leaders. As other world leaders, she can’t order them to keep it confidental. And it’s probably going to be leaked soon. Or sometime in 2024 webcomic time

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