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Sink or Swim 17/29

Sink or Swim 17/29 published on 7 Comments on Sink or Swim 17/29

Back at the restaurant.

Leif: (Something in foreign language)

Thorn: (Happy answer)

MThorn (thinking): Could my future be like this? If I’m still with my Leif when we’re adults . . . ?

Thorn: Oh! Sorry, Kid Me, forgot about trying to translate for you . . .

MThorn: It’s okay! This is fun to watch!

But if you have kids, you’re raising them bilingual, right?

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Aw, that little uncomfortable face. We know from time travel that they do have a bilingual daughter. But we also know from Tansy “I do still have eggs on ice… I knew having kids with him would be hard, I didn’t know it would be illegal”
Which I think is refering to leif’s ‘inheritance’
“Yeah, maybe someday” or “We’ve talked about it, and decided that it doesn’t make sence for us to have kids anytime soon”
I’d probably say something like: “We’ve only been together for a year and a half, we’re not married or anything” tsundere

This is an awkward question and the answer is YES
(but they don’t know that)
…makes me wonder how M!Thorn would have reacted to WIB. Would the memory magic have worked on him?
…this might just be part of why Acai made sure to send her back before it could happen, huh.

As I understand it, it’s difficult to speak a language around a child and not raise them to speak that language. Young children are language learning machines. They have to be, as they need to learn their first language without the help of a reference language.

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