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Sink or Swim 18/29

Sink or Swim 18/29 published on 3 Comments on Sink or Swim 18/29

MThorn: . . . Oh. Is this part of the “Embassy technically owns him” thing?

Thorn: Yeah.

He’s asking about your contract. Anything in particular I should or shouldn’t tell him?

Leif: Well . . .

Thorn (flashback): Wow, Leif, I’ve known you for almost a year and you still have to explain basic facts about servitude to me, that’s how unprepared I am!

Leif (flashback): You really went from “contracts, how do they work?” to “I could empty my life’s savings for you” in five minutes, huh?

Manager Ludolf (flashback): I’m not just gloating about how I’m allowed to hurt the Embassy “pets.” I’m gloating about how much it would upset Thorn that I’m allowed to hurt you.

Kale (flashback): I just spent five minutes on the Crystalpedia page about how your parents got into debt, and now I want to question your entire life story?

Leif (present): Do tell him it’s for totally valid financial reasons, and you will not elaborate. Don’t tell him any stories about me getting hurt.

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Reminds me of the “types of misunderstandings” explained during Olive and Gloria’s storyline. Thorn “You do this too”, some combination of expecting the worst and overthinking cause trama. Besides summerfest, I do agree with Leif’s interpretations.

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