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Sink or Swim 20/29

Sink or Swim 20/29 published on 9 Comments on Sink or Swim 20/29

Thorn: I’ve done some research on my own, but, well . . .

Anything I could look up has already been found. By local legal experts. And resourceful, smart, on-the-ground activists.

Supporting them is more worthwhile than thinking I, some random foreigner, could come up with . . .

. . . some totally new trick or resource they’ve never had access to before.

Dagny: A-TCHOO!

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Hmmmmm. So is Dagny the one aiming above their pay grade in this metatextual explanation, or is SHE the new-trick-or-resource….

Well, unfortunately Dagny getting caught as a long-runner might solve *Leif’s* debt, specifically.

On the more optimistic side, maybe her and Leif’s situation reveals some sort of major corruption/disruption to the system? There have been some inconsistencies in the information each one was told.

Regrettably, Dagny getting caught would not improve Leif’s situation since he inherited his parents’ debt while Valrún was still alive.

I highly doubt that Leif would suddenly be in the clear if it was discovered that Valrún was a longrunner and eligible to be reindebted.

If you describe “She was told her son would never inherit the debt and he was told he inherited it all” SOME inconsistencies.

I think a lie that massive, essentially tricking a person into lifelong servitude, is a pretty big lever. Especially if any digging can prove it’s a common con.

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