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Sink or Swim 8/29

Sink or Swim 8/29 published on 2 Comments on Sink or Swim 8/29

Leif and Kale’s conversation is covered in A Bridge Too Far…and Thorn messed up his chances at the Moose Grill all the way back in An Incredibly Platonic Storyline.

Thorn: Should’ve built in a snack break earlier, sorry! You’re a teenage athlete . . .

. . . and our friends might be talking for a long time before they’re ready to join us for dinner.

MThorn: When they call, can we eat there? Looks like the kind of food Leif would like!

Thorn: Uh . . .

Let’s just say I can’t show my face at the Moose Grill. Let alone two of my face.

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I feel like Thorn is probably famous enough that they would be willing to accept his patronage again if it didn’t result in another incident. The real problem is that the problem was fundamental enough to both the Moose and Grill and S. Thorn that there’d be another incident.

I mean, over time, sure, S. Thorn could get his PTSD under control, but it hasn’t really been enough time for him to do that, if my progress with my PTSD is anything to go by.

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