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Sink or Swim 9/29

Sink or Swim 9/29 published on 9 Comments on Sink or Swim 9/29


Thorn: Oh! Here’s Leif now. You want to keep things simple, eat at his favorite restaurant?

MThorn: It’s a well-known place, right? Long-established? Not some brand-new startup that just opened?

Thorn: . . . Because in your world, those are usually “evil plots to steal people’s energy,” right?

MThorn: About 95% of the time, yeah.

Thorn: There’s really nobody you can report this to? An agency, a bureau . . . some group of responsible adults?

MThorn: I still can’t believe your world just has those.

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Two thoughts:

1. I mean, clearly 95% of new businesses can’t be evil energy theft plots… You’re just REALLY good at finding them, M!Thorn.

2. Maybe this is why M!Thorn fell into this AU(because he’d consider his own to be the main universe, of course 😉 ), specifically. It gives him the idea of founding the Bueau of Responsible Adults, much like what happened in the main universe, when he gets home.

“I still can’t believe your world just has those.” – the entire organizations of adults who deal with serious problems, rather than leaving them for teenagers to deal with? Or responsible adults, in general?

I’ll go with responsible adults in general. If responsible adults in general existed, they’d establish the organizations to deal with serious problems. If responsible adults in general don’t exist, then the existence of those organizations would not have any impact on M.’s normal experience.

It could be that the adults are otherwise responsible, but either genre-blind or wrong-genre-savvy, and therefore in denial about all the dangers being fought by teeange magicals. Or it could even be that they would be *willing* to take care of those things themselves, but aren’t *capable*, because the rules of the setting declare that only teenagers get magic powers.
We don’t know if the reason M.Thorn figures he can’t rely on adults is because they have brushed him off, because previous attempts have (almost) gotten said adults killed, or because he just hasn’t found the right adults yet.

What, do they just all drop dead at 20? Or, more likely, get jobs that don’t involve killing monsters? Still, magical girl anime, usually, these are the only magical girls anyone in Japan knows, so of course there isn’t an oversight board beyond a weird old alien lady from yesteryear and/or a creepy but not overtly malicious monster. You’d think, unless teenage Thorn et al. are the first generation of this – which, who knows, we haven’t been told they’re not – there’d be someone keeping an eye on them.

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