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Sketchbook: All Downhill From Here

Sketchbook: All Downhill From Here published on No Comments on Sketchbook: All Downhill From Here

Leif explains to Thorn that they have a very small chance of freezing to death.

Art for All Downhill From Here, an AU about bonding across a language barrier after you both get buried in an avalanche. Also, dodging hungry vampires. Check out an exclusive excerpt on LGBTQReads!

Get the illustrated version on Paypal ($1.99):

Or: Get ebook-friendly formats on Smashwords (also $1.99).

Or: Support the artist on Patreon and get it as a reward (as little as $1).

Also, if you pay for it on one site but also want a format from the other site, no need to buy it twice. Just comment here or shoot me an email (sailorptah at yahoo dot com) and I’ll send you a copy.

on Deviantart | on Tumblr

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