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Sketchbook: Cat collage

Sketchbook: Cat collage published on 4 Comments on Sketchbook: Cat collage

An ensemble of cat designs from Leif & Thorn. Brea (familiar of Heath Cornouiller), Tiernan (therapy soulbond of Thorn), and human Jasmine Sel with this grumpy little yellow guy I think she’s gonna take home.

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I’m not recalling, have we seen familiars in L&T before? What’s the nuance of familiar vs soulbond? Brea seems to have similar intelligence as Tiernan (albeit with perhaps less 4th-wall breaking) but familiar suggests a different role…

Offhand I think Holly’s mom has a large bird familiar.
We know soulbonds are intentionally magically created from regular animals for therapeutic reasons. They share emotions and preferences with the human half and may gain an intelligence boost.
Brea is bigger than Tiernan and has that forehead design. She seems to have less direct awareness sharing with Heath and seems maybe a bit smarter than Tiernan in a human sense. Possibly familiars are summoned instead of created from existing animals, and Brea was never a normal cat. It seems likely that “gets a familiar” is a potential level-up stage, like “gets a cape.” The two magical girls with familiars I can remember have both been strong/important.

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