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Sketchbook: Character Height Chart VIII (Tamaputians)

Sketchbook: Character Height Chart VIII (Tamaputians) published on 7 Comments on Sketchbook: Character Height Chart VIII (Tamaputians)

Tamaputian height chart for Leif & Thorn!

Including zoomed-in versions of the tiny characters we’ve already seen on full-size height charts.

The animal emblems under their names are the coming-of-age tattoos on the napes of their necks. (Atarangi and headmates don’t have one, because they were born and raised in Ceannis, without a lot of the sourceland traditions.)

Since the Tamaputian language only has one set of (gender-neutral) personal pronouns, you could refer to any of the Tamapoa natives as “they” and it would be accurate. But I’ll throw in Ceannic/Sønska/English pronoun suggestions, too.

Matatuhi “Mata” Kaihanga (he, beaver): Tiny engineering husband #1, lots of points and angles. Got his peacock-feather tattoo to celebrate top surgery. The perky one!

Patotara “Pato” Kaihanga (he, duck): Tiny engineering husband #2, lots of boxes and squares. Mute after a childhood illness, so he communicates with sign language and/or assistive spelltech. The chill one.

Pania Kaitangata (they/she/he, butterfly ray): Current archmage of Tampaoa. Star mage with a base nature affinity; tends to spontaneously sprout flowers. Genderfluid, intersex, not on any hormones beyond their naturally-atypical baseline. Great workout routine. Best abs in the group.

Atarangi Neineikura (she): Tiny magical woman with fire-based powers, lots of curves and roundness (and freckles!), currently a member of Thorn’s team. Shares the body, and the cool sleeve tattoo, with headmates Kallie (she), Kiki (she), and Sandy (they) (not shown).

Kahutaroa “Kahu” Wairua (she/they, kiwi): Tiny biologist with a special interest in island biosecurity. More freckles, plus a loose braid kept in one side of her hair. Ask her about fun animal facts!

Paikea Mawhai (he/they, crab): Tiny magical man with a special interest in exotic-animal smuggling. Finally made one of these characters a bigger guy (…relatively speaking). Lots of “you talkin’ to me, huh?” attitude.

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Has Pato’s design changed in the last couple years or so? His jaw and brownies seem much sharper and blocker than I remember. I like it a lot!

I’ve been on a trend of making the Tamaputian characters look more cartoony and theme-shape-based, on the theory of “hang on, they’re mostly seen in zoomed-out miniature, I should make them look more iconic even when they’re really simplified.”

So yes, Pato is blockier now! And Mata is pointier, and even Atarangi is a bit rounder.

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