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Sketchbook: Cross-Cultural Wedding Twirl

Sketchbook: Cross-Cultural Wedding Twirl published on 1 Comment on Sketchbook: Cross-Cultural Wedding Twirl

Leif & Thorn prompts for #OTPober: Leif/Thorn, wedding dance!

Basically a sequel to this piece from 4 years ago:

Leif is wearing a typical Sønska wedding outfit: striking black + lucky red + fancy embroidery. But instead of a family-heirloom circlet, he’s wearing a Ceannic-style flower crown. His hair is cut short, either because the outfit has a high collar or because this moment is (somehow) post-servitude.

Thorn is wearing his Order of the Chalice dress uniform, but I decided it’s kosher to switch up the cape for special occasions. Wedding cape: sheer, white, fastened with a gold tassel and even more flowers.

Their faces have only gotten more anime over the years, huh? The art also has upgraded effects. Might be hard to tell if you haven’t seen the unaltered base layer, but I like the result.

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