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Sketchbook: Embassy Gems Height Chart 3

Sketchbook: Embassy Gems Height Chart 3 published on 7 Comments on Sketchbook: Embassy Gems Height Chart 3

This week in the Leif & Thorn gem AU: secret agents, other Ceannic government workers, and a couple stray miners.

Rubies (Gil Dumas, Sir Gerri), Olivine (Olive Romarin)

Pigeon Blood Agate (Delphinium & D10), Bloodstone (Delphinium), Lithium Quartzes (Agent D10, Pascentia Zikos)

Helgoland Flint (Delphinium & WiB), Snowflake Obsidian (Woman in Black), Bloodshot Iolite (WiB & Delphinium & Thorn)

Imperial Jasper (Thorn & Delphinum), Sapphires (Magnolia Persil, Tansy Lavande, Thorn Estragon), Blue Goldstone (Thorn & WiB)

Pele’s Tears (Mata, Pato, Mata/Pato fusion), Forest Fire Jasper (Magical Bram)

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Is there a close up anywhere by chance on the Pele’s Tears gems? Whenever I try to zoom in on my device they come out very blurred. Im not sure if its my device or the resolution, but I have tried here and on the dA upload.

In the transcript you typoed Mata as “Maga” in the first instance of Mata’s name, and wrote Forest Fire “Agate” instead of “Jasper” for Magical Bram.

Thorn and WiB’s gem fusion is so pretty and sparkly; I love blue-with-gold-speckles!

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