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Sketchbook: Eyepatch Theories

Sketchbook: Eyepatch Theories published on 11 Comments on Sketchbook: Eyepatch Theories

So the last few arcs have featured Future Thorn, a time traveler with the obligatory greying hair and eyepatch.

We still haven’t seen what’s underneath it…

(on Deviantart)

What’s Under Future Thorn’s Eyepatch? – Theories!
– Cool scar
– Swapped an eye with Leif, CLAMP-style
– Hidden sigil of eldritch power
– Start of vampire transformation
– Just had eye exam, pupil still dilated
– Nothing, it’s ✨ FASHION ✨

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I think it’s a cyborg eye and it’s what allows his time travel abilities. He has to hide it because the future technology could break the timeline.

I personally still think his “Wacky Bracelet” was his time-travel tech, but I also think the eyepatch is hiding a ‘cyborg eye’ without actually interfering with its function. (You move much too well for someone with only one eye.– Grassie Amande)

My theory is he loses an eye in the next 5 months from the current storyline, and he figured “if I’m gonna have a gemtech replacement, why stop at JUST vision and vision mods?”, so it also has some utility spells built in, e.g. “Healing and Light(because Darkvision would only let HIM see) as well as Augmented Reality linkup with his Smartgem.

We know that prosthetic eyes are current-day spelltech, Kale has a visible set. However, casual readers might forget that not all prosthetics are immediately distinguishable from natural eyes. In dialog Kale notes that he didn’t bother to get natural looking prosthetics because the muscles which would move them in a natural looking way were burnt, which would cause an uncanny stare. In monologue Dexie has noted that their eyes, which have natural appearance, are prosthetics with extra features.

If Thorn has a spelltech prosthetic, one would expect it would appear as a natural eye – unless the prosthetic treats a magical injury which destroyed the eye muscles.

Sooo … either he has magical injury (option 1) AND prosthetic which wouldn’t be worth to have natural appearance … or his cyborg eye is SO packed with features it can’t look natural.

Or, well, option 6 AND prosthetic eye aka his cyborg eye would look totally natural but he has the patch because it’s fashion and because he can see through it anyway.

hes trying to goad opponents to attack his left side more often, but he can see it coming through the one-way eye-patch.

Oooh, Thorn pulling a ‘I am not right-handed’ would be a good excuse for a fake-out eyepatch!

Unfortunately, while Thorn is not, in fact, right-handed, he fights that way for a good reason. His left arm is the one that’s still messed up.

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