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Sketchbook: First Date Bowling

Sketchbook: First Date Bowling published on 7 Comments on Sketchbook: First Date Bowling

Leif & Thorn prompts for #OTPober: Olive Romarin/Kale Romarin (no relation), first-date game.

They’re going bowling! President Romarin is making some subtle “handling balls” jokes. Kale is trying to figure out if they’re on purpose, and if he’s supposed to laugh, and if he’s allowed to laugh, and…

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I know roughly half the relationships in this comic are straight, or between a male and a female who may either or both be bisexual or transsexual which frankly is straight enough to count as ‘straight’ to me…
But it’s kinda weird seeing a straight flirting scene between Kale and Olive.

“Roughly half are m/f” would be the more concise way to put that.

And yeah, I enjoyed that the m/m and f/f OTPober prompts were mostly either “canon” or “strikingly plausible,” while the m/f prompts (with the big exception of Stanczia/Imri) were mostly “how random can we get.”

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