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Sketchbook: Genderbending bouquet

Sketchbook: Genderbending bouquet published on 16 Comments on Sketchbook: Genderbending bouquet

broke: “genderswap” means swapping only (cis) men with (cis) women

woke: “genderswap” means swapping literally any gender with literally any other gender

And on that note, I switched around a bunch of Leif & Thorn characters. No special meaning to the AU gender choices, they’re just whatever I felt like drawing at the time:

Woman Thorn (trans), Leif, and Kale
Genderqueer Delphinium and Hermosa
Man Dexie and Elisa (trans)
Agender Katya

(psst, does nonbinary!Katya resemble anyone you’ve seen before? Because ze should…)

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Elisa looks like Elisa’s dad.

Nonbinary Katya looks kinda like me, other than the ears, but I don’t think that’s who you mean. I remember when I didn’t work an office job and could dye my hair purple. Now it’s just ugly dirty dishwater grayish brown ;.;

Hah, maybe since I’m still out on COVID leave I can dye it, and it’ll wash out by the time it’s time to go back. I miss having purple hair.

Oh, and my eyes are greenish brown. Not purple.

But seriously, that’s basically what I looked and dressed like in Highschool and college before my body betrayed me by aging. Now I look much less non-binary, and I dislike that strongly. I miss people getting confused as to if I was a ‘sir’ or a ‘ma’am’. Sigh.

Sorry, I kinda hit my ‘unhappy body dysphoria’ button there. I don’t like the way I look anymore, in my 30’s. I was more… more me in my teens and 20’s. So many of my features changed so dramatically after I turned 28. I don’t even look like old pictures of me. I’m sad.

1. Love that Kale’s top is identical to canon, Thorn’s has a slightly different neckline, and Leif’s has become a “sleeves? you mean these decorative ruffles to draw attention to my shoulders?” kind of top. Almost makes me wonder what stopped canon Leif from wearing that particular style…

2. Goodness, Hermosa. That’s quite a look.

3. I think it’s mostly the hairstyle, and maybe a little bit the expression, but nb!Katya reminds me of Alfhild.

Most of them are wearing versions of outfits they have in canon, but most of them have different body shapes, so the clothes have to be cut differently — otherwise they’d be too baggy in certain places, and too tight in certain others.

Canon Leif needs straps over the shoulders for the top to hang down from. AU f!Leif can have it hanging down from…certain other places 😉

I just swung by to hop on the “Goodness, Hermosa” bandwagon.

Yes, I think that’s my favorite. Genderqueer Hermosa looks just amazing. And man Dexie paired with that. Together it’s quite endearing.
Also, for one trying to understand nuance in language, what’s the difference between genderqueer and gender-fluid?

The way I hear most people use them, words like “genderfluid” and “genderflux” implies that you don’t have a single fixed gender, the feelings are constantly changing.

And words like “genderqueer” and “agender” imply that your gender is a specific, settled thing – it’s just somewhere different from “man” or “woman”.

(But like with so many identity terms, people can pick the one that Just Feels Right, even if their feelings aren’t exactly the same as the next person who uses the same word. So you can’t draw *too* many firm conclusions from a given person’s word choice, beyond “this is the one they vibed with.”)

Ok, ok, ok, so. Conspiracy theory time because it is 2 am.
My first thought was Alfheid, because her costume was getting redesigned last we heard. Unfortunately, nb!Katya doesn’t look like Alfheid, at least last we saw of her, zer facial structure is different. However, ze does bear a decent resemblance to Little White Haired Girl in her currently only appearance (
Now, we know LWHG is a long runner, and she would be about the right age to have been born shortly after the events of the current storyline. So the thought is, LWHG is Valrun reincarnated as Katya’s relative, likely younger sister or maybe cousin or niece or something. Is Katya a deep cover agent trying to rescue her longrunner sister’s missing son? Is she trying to take down the system because of what her longrunner sister went through? Both? Evidence: my friend came up with this theory in late June, when we found out Valrun had died, and we really want it to be true. Also, the comic with LWHG was edited this month indicating that she’s gonna show up really soon.

Katya mentioned she was adopted. So if she and LWHG are related by Katya’s bio-family would they know about each other? By age Katya might be old enough to be LWHG’s mother. If she was, would that make Leif her grandson?

Also, we don’t know yet what brought Katya into servitude. Was it because she was hiding a longrunner?

They barely look any different, aside from Elisa!

I like that a lot. Their designs are almost entirely determined by their personalities and histories. Thorn’s still pretty stocky, because that’s what happens with the sort of lifestyle Thorn lives. Hermosa looks fabulous but Hermosa looks fabulous already.

NB Katya also looks a lot like Blue, but not more than Chartreuse looks like Lulen.

So, er, is it bad that I literally didn’t realize until I got to Elisa? (I mean, Leif and Kale wear dresses habitually.)

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