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Sketchbook: Late-night almost kiss

Sketchbook: Late-night almost kiss published on 4 Comments on Sketchbook: Late-night almost kiss

>When I draw (exclusive) bonus art for Kickstarter backers, and put it in the Leif & Thorn books, I look for relevant storylines to pair each sketch with. If someone requests, say, Violet and Rowan, I’m going to put it with an arc that features Violet and/or Rowan (preferably both).

But the bonus art doesn’t usually fit into the storyline. Even when I fulfill all the backer requests and have space left to fill with unprompted (non-exclusive) bonus art, they aren’t, like, missing scenes.

…this one is, though.

If you go through the archives, you can even figure out which Volume 3 storyline it goes with.

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