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Sketchbook: Leif-Thorn-Kale Fusion – Celestine

Sketchbook: Leif-Thorn-Kale Fusion – Celestine published on 1 Comment on Sketchbook: Leif-Thorn-Kale Fusion – Celestine

Good morning internet, who wants some Leif & Thorn OT3 content from the Steven Universe AU?

I love using astronomy-themed gems for the fusions of Kale as Sunstone. With Leif (Leaf Green Pearl) and Thorn (Sapphire), he makes Celestine.

Sunstone has the same trauma-cracked eyes as canon White Pearl. His fusion with Leaf Pearl (Rainforest Rhyolite) has 2 cracked eyes + 2 normal eyes; his fusion with Thorn (Star Sapphire) has 2 glowy eyes. Celestine has 2 cracked, 2 glowy.

Also: ribbons! Lots and lots of fluttery, translucent ribbons.

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