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Sketchbook: Rosy Publicists

Sketchbook: Rosy Publicists published on No Comments on Sketchbook: Rosy Publicists

Concept art for Cedar’s stylists. Another classic “pair of characters, who may or may not be related, but they have matching designs so it’s easy to remember they go together.” (See also: Mata and Pato, Rhodey and Rosie, Stanczia and Imri.)

Like a lot of ethnically-Feabhric people in Ceannis, they’re named after fancy varieties of roses. Pink is Altissimo, cream is Cadenza.

As a pop idol, Cedar should have a whole retinue of support staff…but instead of designing a couple dozen more people, I’ll probably play fast-and-loose with how many jobs Altissimo and Cadenza are responsible for.

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