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Sketchbook: Should You Read Leif and Thorn?

Sketchbook: Should You Read Leif and Thorn? published on 1 Comment on Sketchbook: Should You Read Leif and Thorn?

A helpful flowchart!

Walk your friends through it, and if the signs point you to “yes”…send them here to start reading.

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“Should I Read Leif & Thorn?”
Do you like fantasy?
(Say no more! / Depends what kind / Not my genre)
Magitech, two moons, heartswords, state-supported magical girls, burn wards for dragonslayers, vampires in Parliament…
(Heck yes / Still not sold)
How about comedy?
(Love it / Meh)
Characters from wildly different cultures, falling in love over a language barrier?
(That’s my jam / Not into it)
(all written  in English,  it just does clever things with fonts)
(Oh! Well in that case / Still no)
Rep that readers have described as “distressingly relatable”?
(Wokeness has gone Too Far –> OKAY MAYBE NOT YOU)
(I’m in / Do I have to be distressed?)
Comes with soulbonded therapy cats


You should read Leif & Thorn!

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I love how you go through a long list of attempts to get the potential reader interested, but you give up on them before the last will they/won’t they decision, and the won’t they path just has one thing that you assume will get anyone that still isn’t quite sure.

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