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Sketchbook: Sketches with disabilities

Sketchbook: Sketches with disabilities published on 3 Comments on Sketchbook: Sketches with disabilities

Assorted characters with the technical/medical names for their conditions.

Sketched this back in the first year of the comic, always meant to add more people as the strip went on…and then I never got around to it. So I finally cleaned up the original art (in the process of procrastinating on something else), and here you go.

Thorn (PTSD + hypertrophic burn scarring), Juniper (gender dysphoria), Clover (bipolar disorder), Kale (hallucinations + depression), Iona (reduction deficit of lower limbs), Cress (vitiligo), Birch (transtibial amputation), Pato (viral vocal cord paresis).

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