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Sketchbook: Sunset Stair Strut

Sketchbook: Sunset Stair Strut published on 7 Comments on Sketchbook: Sunset Stair Strut

Private security, long-time partners, both nonbinary. Sepal is the big Hulk-looking one; they’re of Sønheic descent and have a heart-broadsword. Petal is the little Peter-Pan-looking one; they’re a magical girl with plant-themed powers.

One of them probably got a cheek scar by accident, and then the other gave themself the matching one on purpose, in solidarity.

I drew the lineart here just to have a full-body reference to work with, then thought “what if I did something cool with the colors?”

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Wouldn’t Petal’s scar be the original since it seems to continue from the damaged eye?

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