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OT3: Three for joy

Sketchbook: Three for joy

Sketchbook: Three for joy published on 10 Comments on Sketchbook: Three for joy

Leif & Thorn prompts for #OTPober: Leif/Thorn/Kale, wedding comfy sweaters.

Kale has a flower crown of clovers, Thorn has hydrangeas (the kind that Ruby from SU got married in), and Leif has the gardenias he wore in the Summerfest storyline.

Complete with Niamh as the ringbearer, and Tiernan as the flower cat.

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This makes me wonder, how does Polygamy work in Ceannis? Are all poly marriages network relationships legally(so everyone is married to everyone and adding new person requires the consent of everyone already involved), or are starshaped marriages(where one person is married to several others, who aren’t married to each other, and adding a new person only requires the consent of that person and the star’s center), ring marriages and incomplete networks also allowed?

…these are good questions, and I’m not totally sure!

The problem is, 2-person marriage confers a bunch of rights and priorities in one simple stroke, but adding more people complicates it again. Say Thorn marries both Leif and Kale, and gets medical power of attorney for both of them…well, Thorn’s POA can only go to one of them. (Or at least, he has to pick one of them to get first dibs if they disagree.) Say he picks Leif — is that a different tier of marriage, are they primary-married (pri-married, to borrow a Locked Tomb phrase), while Thorn and Kale are second-arried? Or is there no easy way to indicate what priorities everyone has, it’s all just “married, which could mean anything, you need to find our specific contract and read the legal fine print to get the details right”?

And, well, I want Ceannis’ system to be “maybe not perfect, but decent, basically fair, and relatively straightforward.” Haven’t done enough research to have strong opinions about what specific details would fit that best. I’d have to look into what IRL legal systems have provisions for it, and what kind of best practices are recommended by IRL Ethical Polycules.

(Any readers who have relevant knowledge/experience are welcome to chime in with suggestions, here.)

Tangent: Getsun definitely has canon plural marriages, and they’re not so concerned about the “straightforward” part. So they just have “every configuration and every order of legal priorities is possible, of course you’re going to look at a specific polycule’s contract(s) if you need the details, they come with charts!”

Yeah, a lot of the polyam folk I know are more or less in favor of overhauling marriage more generally so that it doesn’t automatically confer a certain package of legal benefits and instead you register for those a la carte. In practice I guess that isn’t far from Getsun.

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