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Sketchbook: Too Many Cooks?

Sketchbook: Too Many Cooks? published on 6 Comments on Sketchbook: Too Many Cooks?

The headmates join Violet in the kitchen!

Rowan isn’t in on Atarangi’s magic mind-link, so he just sees the shared body. Violet, though, gets to interact with Atarangi, Kiki, and Kallie all together.

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OK, I have a question. When different members of the Neineikura system are fronting, why does the hair length change?

I get that visually, it’s a cue for the readers to realize that a specific person is using the physical body, along with eye color and freckles (which also change with who’s in front, but those are more subtle).

Is that what people see in-universe? Do they see Atarangi’s appearance as the default? Or is it because two members of the system are magic girls, so they can both a) change their appearance and b) make it so no one else notices? Because if I was Rowan, I think I would have noticed that the co-worker my best friend was hanging out with suddenly had longer hair.

Apologies if this has been covered already, but I don’t remember it coming up anywhere! Also, if I used any terms offensive to anyone in a system, please let me know so I can be better!

Their default physical form has long wavy hair like Kallie’s — when I draw them differently, that’s mostly “the headmates are interacting with each other internally.” We’ve seen the body with Kiki fronting and Atarangi fronting with the same long hair (they just part it differently).

Kiki’s and Atarangi’s magical-girl forms both physically change their hair (and Kiki’s eyes) to match their internal self-images. Their body only changes based on who’s transformed, regardless of who’s fronting. (We even saw Kiki pop through at least once while Atarangi was transformed, and the body kept Atarangi’s transformation, complete with short hair.)

It’s very common for hairstyles to change when you transform, so Rowan and the other knights aren’t surprised by that! And unless they have an active mental connection with the system, they don’t see any other changes.

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