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Sketchbook: Two Braceleted Hands

Sketchbook: Two Braceleted Hands published on 13 Comments on Sketchbook: Two Braceleted Hands

Some art to commemorate that both Kale and Leif got Significant Bracelets in the latest story arc. (For…very different reasons.)

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Is anyone else hoping for a poly relationship here? I really want Thorn to date both of them.

I am 100% behind a Thorn + Leif + Kale household.

I’m unsure if Kale will ever feel comfortable enough to pursue anyone romantically, but the three being understanding and supporting each other and the Thorn/Leif children growing up with Uncle Kale there is very yes.

Then again, my dream home is all my friends(including my sister and her husband) all living in a condo building with both communal and private spaces for cooking and recreation plus each person has a bedroom and ‘office’ to call their own, so I may be a little weird in that regard.

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