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Sketchbook: Violet’s Tiny Dilemma

Sketchbook: Violet’s Tiny Dilemma published on 2 Comments on Sketchbook: Violet’s Tiny Dilemma

Violet with Atarangi and Kallie. Awkward.

Still haven’t actually seen them in the same canonical scene at the same time…

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They definitely seem to have different body types, particularly looking back as well. Kallie has a more curvy body, where Atarangi seems to be slightly more fit and more rectangular (maybe pear?). So if they are headmates, there must be some kind of magic that allows them to change completely, which would also explain why the hair seems to be different lengths.

Because of that I’m leaning towards twins right now, rather than headmates.

Atarangi’s hair almost definitely gets shorter when she transforms (in panel 4 of 13/23 it’s clearly shoulder-length, as is Kallie’s in panel 3 of 2/23), so that’s at least part of “looks different from Kallie” sorted by magic, whether by strategic magic pins or actual temporary haircut.

As for the body shape, I don’t see much of a difference, and what there is could be explained by different clothing. Kallie’s seen in a fairly form-fitting dress, whereas Atarangi’s seems looser. Further differences after transformation could be explained by the same thing that gives magicals with physical dysphoria things like “binders, packers, and strategic padding”, as mentioned here:

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