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Sketchbook: Volume 4 Cover – Blazing Stars

Sketchbook: Volume 4 Cover – Blazing Stars published on 5 Comments on Sketchbook: Volume 4 Cover – Blazing Stars

The final art for Leif & Thorn Volume 4!

Patreon has a “how I chose the flower for the title” post, and an “art process from sketch to final effects” post.

The Kickstarter campaign launches in a few weeks — please join the artist’s mailing list to get emailed as soon as the campaign goes live.

(No spam, I promise! It’s just the most reliable way for me to let people know when a Kickstarter, or any other big new project, is on the way.)

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As someone whose username is “Blazing Star” or some variation thereof literally everywhere else but here, and who has been using that username for over a decade, I appreciate this chapter title very much.

Yes, I appreciate it’s probably a reference to the flower.

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