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Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2021, part 1

Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2021, part 1 published on 1 Comment on Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2021, part 1

Your annual reminder that you can support Leif & Thorn on Patreon, and you’ll get monthly high-res wallpapers in appreciation.

Jump in at the $5 level to unlock the whole multi-year archive, including these:

April: Knights in a Bottle

Lil’ glass-bottled versions of Juniper, Birch, Violet, Rowan, and Pascentia, from Leif & Thorn. Mostly with flowers/berries/leaves from the plant they’re named after. Didn’t really work for Pas, so I gave her amethysts and dove feathers.

September: Secret Order of Bottled Hunters

Follow-up, featuring tiny bottled versions of Dexie, Hermosa, Delphinium, the Woman in Black, and…Kale. (Don’t worry, he’s on the opposite side of the table from Dex.)

Again, with flowers/berries/leaves from their namesake plants. I used kale instead of kudzu for Kale’s bottle…seems like he’s not sure what to make of it.

Dex’s bottle includes some amethysts, to match with Pascentia, and the wing of a common nawab butterfly — previously categorized as Eriboea athamas dexippus.

August: Sweet snacks

Skin Horse did a “character faces as cookies” bonus wallpaper, and I liked the idea so much I made one for Leif & Thorn. Starring Leif, Thorn, Tiernan, and the Woman in Black — plus Leif’s bracelet, Thorn’s sword, and a rose.

If this doesn’t seem August-y enough, imagine they’re those novelty ice creams in the shape of character heads.

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