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Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2021, part 2

Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2021, part 2 published on 1 Comment on Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2021, part 2

Back in July, I made a very long post about all the Leif & Thorn content I hold back for Patreon supporters.

Deleted scenes! Character development notes! Exclusive bonus art! Book news! Ebook download coupons! Floor plans!

My favorites are the behind-the-scenes posts. With comics, churning out the final product is a pretty relentless process. I like having a reason to pause in the middle…save some notes, take some screenshots…getting to talk about the details of how it actually comes together.

The prettiest visuals, though, definitely come with the wallpapers:

February: Pillows

It occurred to me that, between all the various Leif & Thorn plot twists, we’ve never actually seen Hermosa and Dexie in the same place at the same time.

So…let’s fix that.

“NSFW ish” because you can’t, well, see anything…but Dex is definitely not wearing pants.

October: Midnight Windows

Leif and Valrún, in their respective servant uniforms, looking out some windows at the moons.

November: Tatspiration

I posted this Original Character Question Meme on the main Leif & Thorn site, and got asked if Hyacinth has any tattoos.

Answer: not yet, because she’s not old enough to get any without parental consent, and her parents are squares. But she definitely has plans.

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