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Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2021, part 3

Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2021, part 3 published on No Comments on Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2021, part 3

…gee, can you tell which side of the screen I like to put my icons on?

My New Year’s Resolution for 2022 is to pick up more support for the comic, so I’ll be trying some new things on Patreon next year. (It’s not that support went down in 2021 — it just held steady. Going up again would be nice.)

Still gonna do the wallpapers, though. They’re already a constant motivation for me to experiment with new palettes, brushes, layers, techniques…basically, trying new Art Things:

January: Midnight snow

I wanted to do something with this color palette, and, well. “Snowy Leif & Thorn kiss at midnight” seemed about right.

June: Leif Shields

Leif’s incredibly advanced multi-layer mental shields were on my mind a lot, back in June. So I wanted to draw something inspired by how they were visually represented. Complete with a whole lot of sparkles.

In other news, the Leif in Lockdown storyline started running in July. Wonder if that means anything.

December: Frosted snowglobe

The spiritual cousin to the “characters in cute little bottles” wallpapers: a cute little Leif & Thorn snowglobe, to cheer up these cold dark evenings.

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