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Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2023, part 1

Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2023, part 1 published on No Comments on Sketchbook: Wallpapers of 2023, part 1

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February: Bedtime with scars

Happy Valentine’s Day month! Fill your desktop with some soft romantic Leif/Thorn cuddling for the occasion.

June: Pride Night

‘Tis the season to re-share all the proudest, gayest, most rainbow-themed Leif & Thorn art of years past…and draw some new stuff along the way.

I scanned this cozy Leif/Thorn lineart…gave it a whole lavender/pastel color scheme, with lots of rainbow accents…then thought “what if I copied the same lineart into a new file, and made a dark nighttime scene out of it too?”

November: Perfume bottles

I guess it’s an AU where Leif and Thorn are perfume bottles? Or maybe in-universe merchandise where they get their own perfume lines? Either way, they’re very aesthetic. Probably smell nice, too.

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