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Sketchbook: World Map, Artist Edition

Sketchbook: World Map, Artist Edition published on 7 Comments on Sketchbook: World Map, Artist Edition

Updated version of the World Map — with handcrafted art and more canon-accurate details — specially commissioned for Volume 3.

Thanks again to Robert Altbauer of for the lovely job.

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Ooooh! An update! I’m fascinated by just how few places are labeled on this map – it makes it seem like a pretty sparsely populated world – and equally fascinated by just how MANY places are labeled on this map that we haven’t seen, much less heard a mention of.

Have we heard of the Ceannis-adjacent nation of Beal? What about Kinyon and Doyon? Are they just too far away to have any of their ethnic groups living in Ceannis? Were they in Kolpovision?

Is there truly nothing on the other side of the Impassable Desert? Who owns the tiny island in the middle of the lake south of Montmere, as well as the island in the gulf west of Beal? And what’s that mysteriously unlabeled city under the name “Sonheim”?

I have so many questions!

The wiki has details about some countries, including their flags — which you can turn around and use to match some of the Kolpovision contestants with their homelands.

Some of the ethnic-group information has needed finessing since the comic started…there was a point when I said Ceannis has X% people of Getsunese descent, but it should’ve been “X% people descending from anywhere in the multinational west-coast region.” Including Kinyon and Doyon. (Recently-introduced knight Kokum is Doyonese-Ceannic.)

I try not to label places on the map too early, so that when a future plot needs a new country/city/geographical marker, I haven’t boxed myself out of anywhere to put it!

So yeah, there are plenty of humans on that eastern coast, with divisions and labels I haven’t nailed down yet. (You can get there by sailing/flying/riding the long way on land, you just can’t shortcut through the Desert.) That big city in Sønheim is the capital…eventually I’ll decide what its name is.

Ceannis’ population points out how just because one lives in a particular country, does not mean that’s ones ethnicity. Not to try to put words into your mouth, but Getsunese could be the predominant ethnicity in all of the multinational west-coast region, with most of the other people there being already established ethnicities. I would not be surprised, given the location of Doyonese and the craptastic Sønheim government, if most of the people in that particular country are of Sønska descent or Sønhai descent, and they are really, really NOT friendly with Sønheim. (They’ll welcome immigrants/refugees from there no problem, so long as they’re not vampires, but *not* Sønheim foreign nationals. That’s part of how they got their ethic mix, after all. It’s a common place for Sønheim refugees to try to go, because of the conflicts between them means Sønheim is unlikely to ever get them back, but most of those refugees make it to there by way of Ceannis, because the Sønheim/Doyon border is armed to the teeth.)

I note that there does not seem to be a complete border between Ceannis and Doyon. Was this a mistake, or an indication that those countries get along well enough that the border between them has blurred and they don’t care?

I could imagine a history there of Ceannis helping defend Doyon from Sønheim frequently enough that some people from Ceannis moved there permanently, while not really doing so officially. Meanwhile, Ceannis has had issues with Sønheim attempting to use their border near Doyon as means around the heavy defense of the Doyon border, and the Doyon forces have frequently defended there, for pragmatic reasons. After generations of this, people have forgotten where the exact border is.

Some people in this region pay their taxes to the Ceannic government, despite the fact they live in the region that was previously clearly Doyon, and some people in this region pay their taxes to the Doyon government despite living in the region that was previously clearly Ceannis. So long as everybody pays their taxes and the amount of tax money the two governments get from their respective people in the area continues to be on par with what they expect, figuring out the exact border is not something they really concern themselves with.

Sønheim’s government was the last government to remember where the exact border between the two countries was, but this has gone on long enough even they’ve forgotten. They certainly don’t get a reminder by the makeup of the forces that defend the border, because it’s blurred enough that they’re not really sure about that, either.

Edit: almost forgot to mention, some blended families pay taxes to just one government or the other, but a lot of them will split their taxes in rough proportion to the amount of blend they have from the two countries. Like, first generation blend, it’s 50-50. Then it might be 75-25 the next generation, and then 37.5-62.5 after that, based on how the family tree works out. Of course, eventually they round.

Interesting idea but I think there are no in-story questions about any border, INCLUDING Ceannis border inside impassable desert (or does the area on other side of it belongs to them?). There is always some bureaucrat who won’t stop asking until all papers are in order, no matter how useless that information is.

So, the missing borders are likely because Erin didn’t decided yet.

It looks like the northern part of the Impassable Desert belongs to Ceannis, but the center of it is a no-man’s-land, because, well, it’s impassable. Once you venture too far into the middle of it, you’re a goner, so who cares what part of it you own if you can’t travel to it?

I think that the border of Doyon is the mountain range on its eastern side.

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