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Slow News Day: Favorite Shows

Slow News Day: Favorite Shows published on 7 Comments on Slow News Day: Favorite Shows

Thanks to everyone who helped brainstorm Bennet’s husband’s name back on his first appearance! (For readers who missed the link, they’re AU versions of Arthur Bennett and Stuart Cohen from But I’m A Cat Person.)

Most of the background art here is reused…but I didn’t have any illustrations of the Pretty Combat Mountaineer, so I had to come up with a new one. Stick around, the full-size version will be posted eventually.

If Peony Romarin’s work sounds familiar, that might be because I also referenced it back during The Commitment in 2021.

Bennet: Hey, people do like my show, right? Right? I’m going to do some person-on-the-street interviews, and won’t tell them what show I’m from, and see if anyone names it as their fave.

What’s your favorite show to watch or listen to?

Ivy Muscade (Actual Real Magical Girl): Oooh, that’s easy! My favorite, favorite series ever is the amazing Sønheic magical-girl show Pretty Combat Mountaineer Geirskögul!!

Bennet: What’s your favorite Ceannic show?

Thorn Estragon (I Guess Dragonslayers Need Lots Of Comfort, Huh): Hedge and Grassie. They’re brilliant, they’re funny, almost none of it aged badly — it never stops being a comfort watch.

Bennet: What’s your favorite Ceannic show from this century?

Cress Fenouil (Actual Real Lawyer, But Not For Magical Crimes): Magical Crime Law Investigation Squad! I know it’s not how actual law works, but it’s fun to just turn off your brain and watch them chase the bad guys, you know?

Bennet: What’s your favorite, Ceannic, currently-making-new-episodes, non-animated, non-fictional show?

Longan Persil (Student, Part-Time Convenience Store Guy): Uh . . . that one with Peony Romarin, where she interviews other cult survivors? It’s wild. Dunno why you’d spend time with boring chat shows when there’s incredible true stories like that out there.

Offscreen voice: Hey, what about that Bennet Amande show? That’s my favorite.

Bennet: {sniff} A-and you do listen, right? You really listen?

Cardamine Amande (CEO, Best Husband Ever): Are you kidding, babe? Never miss an episode.

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I love the evolution of the question, even if he never quite gets the answer he wants– until his husband answers.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn some of the un-broadcast Person on the Street interviews were trolling him. The man is, based on what we’ve seen of his content, A Known Public Figure who regularly does PotS interviews. If, for want of a better comparison, Rush Limbaugh waddled up to me with a camera crew and asked me what my favorite radio program was, it wouldn’t be difficult to intuit his aims.

While there is definitely chance someone would decide to troll him, I would assume most people would name a scripted show anyway.

In fact, I would assume that they could change their answer from a scripted show to show which is his known competitor to troll him.

I feel like if Bennett called more people who weren’t established characters already, he might have a better chance. That said, if back in the day, I received a phone call from someone who sounded like the host of a show I watched or listened to regularly, asking me what my favorite show was, I would probably assume that they meant besides theirs, especially if it was a show that I had called into regularly.

… like the one whose host did call me back at that time. He was a local radio talk show host, and I was astonished that he didn’t expect me to recognize his distinctive voice.

After that experience, I learned to start my reply by first naming them and then qualifying, “not counting your show, …” But the calls like that I’ve gotten since that first one were all much less memorable.

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