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Slow News Day: Favorite Stores

Slow News Day: Favorite Stores published on 9 Comments on Slow News Day: Favorite Stores

Anybody want to take bets on which of these characters reappears in the main arc this week?

And speaking of stores: Reseda Comics has one now!

Third-party shopping platforms haven’t been great to small creators over the past 6 months. So I installed some open-source software and launched my own.

To celebrate the launch, all Leif & Thorn books and ebooks are 20% off! The sale only lasts until Friday, so check them out now:

New: Reseda Comics Shop

Bennet: Today I walked around the shopping center and asked people: “Which store is your happy place? The one you visit when you need a little retail therapy?”

Psst . . . any of these fine establishments looking for a broadcast to sponsor? Have your people call my people.

Gentian Cornouiller (Stay-At-Home Artist): The art store! They have amazing hard-to-find imported dyes and pigments.

Hazel Cherieshnya (Student Artist Student; Artist): The art store! They have a great rewards program, and lots of deals.

Senna L’Hysope (Order of the Chalice): The secondhand shops ‘ere are bloody amazing, mate. I just about spent my ‘ole paycheck on funny-looking vases.

A Legal Minor (Can’t Reveal Their Name For Privacy Reasons): The gamers know my name and have a pull list for my orders that’s on a reliable schedule and when I want to buy a really rare historical miniature they find it! Also, they let me hang out in the store and rearrange the items on the shelves. So they’re in order.

Jasmine Sel (Aquarium Security): I’m in this pet supply store every week. . . . No, the mice aren’t my pets! They are the supplies. My pets are my hungry raptors.

Didn’t Catch Her Name (It’s Definitely Not Classified Or Anything, I Just Forgot To Ask): Where do I shop to enjoy myself the most? Why, that depends entirely on my mood. Some days, I desperately need a lovely spree at the stylist or a relaxing jaunt at the spa.

Bennet: And the other days?

Delphinium: Other days I simply must visit the fitness center, and work out these muscles until I’m sure to get a long night’s sleep.

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My favorite parts of this page:
Hazel Cherieshnya (Student Artist Student; Artist)
Hawthorn’s whole panel. (Hope you at least get a discount for re-arranging the store/Putting Right What Other Customers Put Wrong, Hawthorn! *waves a “Labor you enjoy is still Labor” placard*)

Would be nice. I never did. Admittedly, the used bookstore where I did that didn’t really seem to care about order. Many times, I saw different shelf stockers simply placing books wherever there was space. A few times, I saw them take advantage of a large hole in one particular author’s space to just dump most of the recently acquired used books of mostly that genre there. (This generally happened more or less as I was checking out on the visit after I found a new favorite author. I’m sure that was coincidence.) The disorder usually remained until my next visit. At least I was usually oddly familiar with most of the books thus placed so except for the out-of-genre books, I knew where they should’ve been put.

To be fair, Erin tends to take care of her people, so I guess there’s at least a chance.

That big buff shaggy-haired aquarium guard looks familiar! Jasper?! And *checks archives* Laceleaf the aquarium tour guide must be a Lapis Lazuli reference! I went back through all of Jasmine’s previous appearances, and I don’t think anyone’s commented on how they’re a Steven Universe reference yet. I love it!

I wonder where’d the idea of having a raptor as a pet come from?

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