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Slow News Day: Fertility Clinics

Slow News Day: Fertility Clinics published on 7 Comments on Slow News Day: Fertility Clinics

Bennet: In the studio today, we have Betula Baker, here to tell us about her job! . . . What was your job, again?

Mrs. Baker: Director of a fertility clinic! People often assume that my whole job is about providing patients with any necessary ingredients for reproduction that they’re missing. That is, donor eggs, donor sperm, or a surrogate carrier for the pregnancy.

But we also work with couples who have all the ingredients — and yet, for whatever reason, find trouble with traditional conception.

For someone who wasn’t born with a womb, but still wants to carry a child, we can do a fully functional transplant.

And for couples with two of a kind, we do some real gene-combining wizardry!. . . We still need at least one egg, for “packaging.” Couples who need one tend to ask a relative, so the DNA is close to theirs as-is, no next-level mixing needed.

Bennet: So . . . let’s say I wanted a transplanted womb, to carry a donor egg fertilized with donor sperm . . . Could you do all of that at once?

Mrs. Baker: We have the technology, yes!

. . . but if you were serious, there are many lovely pre-gestated children that I would encourage you to consider adopting.

Adoption is also a wonderful and valid path for starting a family! With all this technology and so many options, there’s only one medical obstacle I still can’t solve . . .

. . . why have some of my children still not given me any grandbabies yet??

Birch (thinking): I knew Mom had to get to that eventually.

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Frankly, I’m glad you mentioned adoption. I think that it’s important to beat the drum explaining it’s a valid way to start a family. There’s more of you to pass down than your genes, and your unique mindset is heritable through the stories you pass down to the next generation moreso than by your genetic contribution.

This is so great, I love these worldbuilding details!

You accidentally a word out between “some real wizardry” and “artificially combine”.

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