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Slow News Day: Immune Boosting Strategies

Slow News Day: Immune Boosting Strategies published on 9 Comments on Slow News Day: Immune Boosting Strategies

Not that it’s flu season in Ceannis, but hey, I wanted to do something timely. At least a few of these characters manage to get in some good, applicable advice.

Plus: our first returning backer cameo! She pledged to 2 Kickstarters in a row, so back to S-Mart we go.

Bennet: What are the best ways to keep yourself healthy and not catch an infection? Sure, doctors could answer this . . . but let’s get the opinions of the average person! — While wearing a face shield, in case your ideas didn’t work.

S-Mart Proprietor: Didn’t Have A Name Tag
Eat a healthy diet! Protein and vitamins, fresh fruit, hot tea . . . all things you can get for great prices at S-Mart!

Lepida Clemens: Unicorn Stablehand
Get lots of sunshine and fresh air. If you can do your job outdoors, that helps.

Kale Romarin: Translator
Wh-why are you asking me? I don’t know anything special about medical care!

Rowan Muscade: Order of the Chalice
Keep up with your shots. Don’t let your prismaceuticals expire. And don’t take any advice from my siblings.

Rosie & Rhodey Muscade: Costume Designers, Siblings

Rosie: Stay away from the medical industry! It’s a scam to interfere with your body’s natural ability to heal itself. You can support it with supplements, but the safe kind — without any chemicals in them!

Rhodey: No, the real scam is that diseases are all created in a lab by the government! Sometimes they escape by accident. Other times it’s a conspiracy to keep the public down!

Ivy Muscade: Magical girl (no relation)
Wash your hands a bunch! Plumbing spirits can wipe out germs an’ stuff with their magic. You just have to ask!

Bennet: What about those of us who don’t have a water affinity, huh? How are us non-magicals supposed to kill pathogens?

Ivy: . . . Soap?

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Oh no! Covid-19 spread to yet another universe! Seriously this stuff is extremely infectious …

Supplement without any chemicals? That’s going to be very costly. Seriously, ask any laboratory doing vacuum research. Also, how are you supposed to take it? The moment you open the vessel it’s going to fill with air! … that is, IF you open the vessel, could be quite hard.

Dihydrogen monoxide is a chemical that pervades our life. It’s highly-reactive, near-instantly fatal in high doses, and every person who has been exposed to it dies, but factories and nuclear power plants are allowed and even encouraged to belch great plumes of the stuff. In some parts of my city, when the wind is wrong, it can blot out the horizon if you’re looking towards the plant. It destroys crops and is known to eat holes in metal and stone as well.


You forgot that it also contributes to the “greenhouse effect” and is major component of acid rain.

However, if you want really dangerous chemical, try oxygen. You probably heard about “free radicals” and their harmful biological properties. There is serious research claiming that free radicals are major cause of aging. Well, most common free radical is oxygen – beneficial chemicals for reducing free radicals related damage (like vitamin C) are even called antioxidants. So, aging is basically oxygen poisoning. Of course, LACK of oxygen will also kill you – we are addicted to it.

It’s even more scary if you realize that oxygen appeared on Earth when cyanobacteria started producing it to kill other organism. It’s called Great Oxidation Event and caused almost all life on Earth to go extinct. It was also the reason eukaryotes evolved and developed sex. (Hint: all multicellular organisms including humans are eukaryotes).

It’s really pity that dihydrogen monoxide is getting all the fame because noone is stupid enough to not realize oxygen is oxygen. Or is someone?

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