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Slow News Day: Leachtric Reactions

Slow News Day: Leachtric Reactions published on 8 Comments on Slow News Day: Leachtric Reactions

Bennet: And now, ordinary people tell us what Leachtric means to them. Hopefully they like it, because that proves they love Ceannis.

Sugar Pommier – High school teacher
Kids who were never good at history are trying to ace tests!

Larch Lavande – College glee coach
Kids who were never good at singing are trying to get on the glee team.

Laceleaf L’hysope – Aquarium tour guide
It’s amazing!

Archarius Stavros – Head writer, MCLIS
It’s a tour de force.

Jasmine Menthe – Emergency med tech
It’s inspiring!

Juniper Sel – Order of the Chalice
. . . I’m happy that they’re happy.

Artie Carver – Order of the Chalice
It’s . . . complicated. I never had Artemisia’s memories, just our heartsword. It made news when I first drew it, then the novelty wore off. Colleagues got used to seeing the blade. I switched names, because Getsunese, and everyone adjusted to that too.

Then this musical hits big, and suddenly I’m a celebrity. Might as well be one of the cast. I get stopped in the street! By people who aren’t sword nerds! Nothing against the production — it’s a great show, I’m happy for everyone involved — but wow, has it changed my life.

Some nobody trainee
Once I draw a famous heartsword, Leachtric shall be my inspiration.

Nigella Badiane – Potion shop owner
I’m not a fan of seeing Leachtric played by a Feabhric actress. Nothing against Lynwood Merdhuile’s talent! But Leachtric is an Aibreán icon.

Blush Noisette Duval – Recently incarnated long-runner
You know, Rhódon already got reincarnated as Feabhric at least once. She could be Feabhric right now.

Nigella: You shush.

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“Nobody Trainee”

I love this comic.

Oh Turion… If the unhatched chick does not struggle, it will never break the egg’s shell. Do not work now expecting to coast later. Work now to prepare for the work that will be later.

You know what Nigella Badiane? I’m not a fan of your attitude.

I mean, I don’t remember the distribution of ethnicities (specifically regarding majority) or the histories thereof, but it COULD be a valid concern. Given the Hamilton parallels, though, I expect that it’s far more likely to be casting a minority to play a majority role. Especially since his last appearance had him hoping for the relaxation of safety regulations.

And that’s not even getting into the complications of proven reincarnation on racial politics.

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