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Slow News Day: Miners: Where Are They Now

Slow News Day: Miners: Where Are They Now published on 10 Comments on Slow News Day: Miners: Where Are They Now

The never-before-seen miner is Chimervera, the for-real last of the Volume 1 Kickstarter cameos!

Not a moment too soon, either, because the campaign for Volume 2 is only a few months away…

And hey, check it out, Elisa’s dads finally have names. The blond is Malmfred, and the brunet is Vainø.

Bennet: Remember the miners who survived the Juniper Mining collapse? Let’s check in and see how some of them are doing! After all, they’ve spent a whole six months not being the subjects of 26/7 news coverage. They probably miss it.

Manager Marjolaine, Agent, Safety Consulting Firm: I think they just wanted a convenient symbol of how important their work is . . . Little did they know, I have plans.

Malmfred Svansson, House-Husband, Odd Jobs: I’m finally doing some work, to help buy back our daughter for sending us money.

Magical Bramble, Magical Disaster Response: I am once more a SINGLE FATHER, and insist on assignments that let me SPEND MORE TIME with my CHILDREN.

Gil Dumas, Rock Wall Attendant: I’m working above-ground at a nice, safe — WATCH OUT you’re going to FALL!!

Cress Fenouil, Law Student: Will you get outta here? Just because my wife is pregnant, doesn’t mean she can’t sue the leggings off you for invasion of privacy.

????? ?????, Not Really Sure: Gosh, I’m surprised you even tracked me down! Sometimes it feels like nobody saw me at the mine at all!

Anise Persil, House-Wife: No, I’m not single again. Birch and I are very happy . . . No, we aren’t planning on any babies! And how is that any of your business? I swear, you reporters are worse than my in-laws.

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Ah, Good ol’ ????? ?????, the other person who was laying down the entire storyline. I’dlike to think Patrik is back home and working a light-duty job while saving up for a prosthesis, while Arnulf has a job somewhere that lets him rain holy hell down on anyone who deviates from Following Best Practices, metaphorically strangling the life from them with impassioned speeches like the Ceannic government strangles the profit out of hard-working businesses.

So if she didn’t send them money, they wouldn’t help buy her back? That’s how the text is coming across to me.

My understanding is that they had her debt nearly paid off, but the cost of the medical bills post-collapse got added onto the money Elisa is considered to owe as a debtor-servant. I read it as ‘now that I’m working again, I can start paying off the debt that my daughter took on to help us’.

Hey Erin! I just wanted to let you know that apparently i love your comics so much I decided to name my new cat Tiernan! I got him specifically because my other cat, Nebby, has separation anxiety and needed a friend, so hes more her therapy cat than mine, but shes my therapeutic friend so it all works out? as I type Tiernan is hiding in the litter box closet, getting a feel for his new home, maybe making some jokes at the 4th wall about his situation. hopefully he’ll come out soon!

This is so cute! Wishing the best of luck to both your cats 😀

(I have an anxious cat myself, but he’s lived with other cats and mostly hid away from them too…so he’s not getting a companion, just lots of patience, heh.)

Well, hes still mostly hiding today, but he comes out if the other cat is around or I get out some toys, because he specifically wants to play with Nebby but is a little shy. I think he finally noticed shes a really small cat and despite being a kitten hes bigger than her XD think he’ll be fine ^^

If I remember correctly (I might not be, though), it’s less that they wouldn’t, and more that they couldn’t? I vaguely remember one or both of them not able to help out much financially because of some circumstance, which she fully accepted, and that she was sending money home to help them instead of putting it towards her debt?

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