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Slow News Day: Voting Rights

Slow News Day: Voting Rights published on 21 Comments on Slow News Day: Voting Rights

Hey, US readers, if you haven’t already done early voting, get ready to hit the polls on Tuesday. It’s not as easy as in Ceannis, but it’s very worth doing. Check out the videos at How To Vote In Every State (including DC and the territories) to confirm the specific local details, and find your polling place here.

Since you like this comic, go vote for candidates with positions like “interracial couples are not a threat to my ethnic ~purity,” “Jewish people are not a convenient scapegoat for everything I’m unhappy about,” “children deserve to stay with loving parents,” “LGBTQ people deserve to exist at all,” and “the artist of this comic should be able to keep her healthcare.”

Bennet: As we go into another Election Week, there’s one important thing we should all remember about our right to vote . . .

It is too easy.

Polls are open for a whole week! And the first day is a national holiday! That’s much too long! I say it should be a day, tops. If that schedule forces you to choose between voting and keeping your job . . . it’s an opportunity to prove how much you really care about the election!

And no more “early voting by mail.” If you can’t get to the polling place in person — that proves your candidate didn’t inspire you enough.

Speaking of mail — why are you automatically registered to vote based on your postal address? That should be determined by a separate set of forms that you have to fill out, personally, every time you make a move!

I’m calling on this government to make all these changes come true. Join me, listeners!

Aide: Lady President, you got a petition calling for laws that make it harder to vote, with . . . three signatures.

Olive Romarin: Huh! Put it in the file I look at when I need a good laugh.

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Are you SURE about the “Jewish people are not a convenient scapegoat for everything I’m unhappy about” one? Because there are no Jewish people in this comic and they ARE the ones responsible for major plot points in the other one … 🙂

Regarding the comic: are you sure the postal address would be so good idea? The address for purpose of voting needs to be protected against fraud, meaning it could unnecessary complicate changing postal address in cases where you know in advance you will change it again before election anyway.

Also, the weekly voting would be harder for people who work on the election places AND would make harder the rules about not reporting about election during election … personally I think it wouldn’t be THAT much problem, but there ARE valid arguments against that (unlike the “you are not inspired enough” one). And, if the holiday would be “advertised” right, most voters would vote on that holiday anyway.

(Not an US reader anyway)

In many states in America, voter registration is automatic with getting an official state issued ID, whether or not that ID also allows you to drive. (But not, apparently, federal government issued ID, so you can’t just get a passport and use that as your only form of ID.) Updating your legal address with the state is synonymous with updating your address associated with the ID, so this is pretty close to the comic’s using the postal address for registering to vote, with the exception that many people don’t bother to update their address for short term moves that will not encompass an election, or if they’re going to be moving back to the old area again after the election, so they want to vote where they used to live.

Early voting here in Massachusetts was something like a week, so I think I actually had longer to vote than the amount of time that Bennett was complaining about.

As far as poll workers who have other jobs they need to take time off from in order to work the polls… this happens? I’ve only been voting for 28 years now, and I’ve only voted in three states, but I have never been to a polling place that wasn’t staffed entirely by retired people and police officers. The police officers were very definitely not needing time off of work; they were there in uniform as part of their job. I understand city hall is frequently a polling place, which suggests a different sort of poll worker. But in 2016, my polling place was a city hall, and while there were plenty of people working near the actual polls who weren’t retired or law enforcement, the actual poll workers were all retired people, and the only non-retired staff in the place were the police officers who were there to make sure unruliness wasn’t allowed to happen.

Ok, thinking about it, I admit that when I was a bagger at a grocery store, one of the other baggers was a poll worker. However, he was retired, and working part time as a bagger primarily for the purpose of getting out and doing things, rather than just sitting around in his home all day.

This does raise the possibility of a poll worker who is retired, but working a part time job to supplement their income, for which working the polls for a week would be a hardship on their supplemental income. So just to address the scarecrow in your question directly, … Who said a poll worker has to work the poll for the entire voting period? People do shifts for poll work even when it’s just a day. It boggles my mind that it wouldn’t be rare for people to work the polls for an entire week if the voting period lasts an entire week.

There are individual Jewish characters in BICP who have done less-than-pleasant things, but all of them deserve to be able to walk into a synagogue without someone crashing the place and opening fire, sooo…yeah, I’m gonna stand by that point!

US voting is already pinned to postal address, even though you need to file separate sets of paperwork for both, so I’m not sure what your objection is there. Maybe someone doesn’t plan to be at the same new address through November, but their plans could change, or there could be a special election called on short notice, so it’s always good to be registered.

Most people would likely vote on the holiday, sure. That means the polling place can drop to a lighter crew of staffers for the rest of the week, and still be open to votes from people who were sick/had an emergency/had a job they couldn’t leave/had some other reason they couldn’t make it that day.

The point of an election isn’t to be easy for the poll workers, it’s to be fair and accessible for the voters!

…although with the one-day system, the staff have to stay on duty until every person in line has voted and every vote has been counted, no matter how late in the night that is. So in that way it would be easier if they could close at a reasonable hour, knowing they still have the whole rest of the week to deal with any overflow.

Jews are also responsible for all Beings. Although that isn’t good reason to crash the synagogue on them either.

“The point of an election isn’t to be easy for the poll workers, it’s to be fair and accessible for the voters!” … hence “personally I think it wouldn’t be THAT much problem”. As Someone’s Ed mentioned, finding enough people for multiple shifts would be good solution.

The question of postal address was also already touched by Someone’s Ed.

While the rest all have a clear answer, I have to think “Jewish people are not a convenient scapegoat for everything I’m unhappy about” might be a lost cause.

…aaand this seems like a very good time to get a custom Gravatar.

My clear answer to that one is “no they’re not, wtf is wrong with you.”

I didn’t program the avatars, and if there was another neutral alternative to auto-differentiate comments I’d switch, but I know Gravatars are easy to get!

What I meant wasn’t that it’s not a worthy cause (obviously), only that between the Woman’s March and Labour, it’s one that doesn’t seem to have a home.

This attitude PISSES ME OFF. The Scumocraps just pander to LGB+ because they already alienate the fundies with their pro-abortion stance so they want to politicize EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF LIFE ALONG THOSE SAME DAMN ‘VOTE ONE TOPIC’ LINES. Even when their actions make life WORSE for the people they CLAIM to help. Scumocraps, Like Barak Oscuma and Joe “Just call me mini-Stalin” Biden are swine who should be sent to prison, not supported. I read this far from the start and am NOW STOPPING. I HATE SCUMOCRAPS AND WOULD GLADLY SEE THE ENTUIRE WORLD DEAD IF THAT WOULD MEAN THOSE SCUM DIED.

Good lord, you made it through 3 whole years of this progressive-as-hell comic without noticing the politics, but you flip your lid at a strip from 2018 that doesn’t mention any partisan issues at all, it just says voting is good?

This isn’t quite as funny at the conservatives on Twitter freaking out about how the Declaration of Independence is clearly a personal attack on Trump…but it’s still pretty funny.

Anyway, black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, rich people deserve higher taxes, everyone deserves healthcare, and if things like that make you too mad to read a comic, let the door hit you on the way out.

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