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laser shovel or magic shovel?

That’s how I, as a former Wisconsinite, feel about the way Oregonians panic over snow and “cold” temperatures. the recent cold snap was the first time it actually got what I’d call cold since I’ve been living here.

Coming from Seattle, this is me 90% of the time whenever somebody says “it’s pouring outside.”

No, that’s a drizzle. A shower at best. A downpour requires significantly more force, although if it comes at an angle we might be talking sheets instead.

Some languages have 70 different words for snow. Seattleites have drizzling, sprinkling, dripping, pouring, showering, sheets, buckets, cats and dogs, puddling, and–on a rare occasion–merely damp.

A couple of days in August might even be DRY, but we usually stay inside when confronted by things outside our realm of comprehension.

This is what my boyfriend, who grew up in Ontario, does when I complain about cold weather in Vancouver. Doesn’t matter that I grew up in Illinois, and did my undergrad in Pittsburgh, both of which have Ontario-like winters, and moved to Vancouver to get away from real winter. He still feels the need to tell me I’m wrong.

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