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Something’s Cooking 1/29

Something’s Cooking 1/29 published on 7 Comments on Something’s Cooking 1/29

Trivia: this storyline was originally planned take place on the same day as No Moss, so the first panel was Thorn telling the police to talk to Juniper.

Then I decided to add some dramatic weather at the end of the day, so it has to take place later, and Thorn’s dialogue became foreshadowing rather than anteshadowing.

Comm: We’ve sent a list of magical girls who are available to be reassigned to your team.

Thorn: Received. I’ll review them and get you a list of my top candidates by the end of the week.

Sir Thorn, over and out.

Leif: Thorn?

Thorn: Leif! How are you doing?

Leif: All good! I just wanted to say hello.

Thorn: You still like the apple pie best, right?

Leif: Well . . .

Of pies, yes. But there are other desserts I like better. Will your thing still work with cookies?

Thorn: . . . It works for me, yes, but don’t let my president find out.

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So crystals fulfill the functions of:

– Radio
– TV
– Computer
– Phone
– FIrst-Aid kit
– Flashlight
– Lightbulb
– Mind control system
– Medical implant

…How many crystal rich nations are left and how much longer until Sonheim invades them to “liberate the people”?

Short answer: Probably never.

Long answer: Sønheim has no need to invade on that particular front as they control “…the best gemstone deposits?” (Family Dinner, page 7/14)

There WAS a Ceannic mine that produced spell-quality gems. Lord Imri bought THAT mine as part of the liquidation of Juniper Mining.

Erin, would it be safe to say this brings us to 6.5 weeks post Summerfest? I got around to updating the timeline to the end of No Moss and the last two weeks (4-5 post Summerfest) sure had a lot happen!

Yes, it would!

So many parallel storylines, checking on different characters during the same timeframe…why didn’t I do some of these while the mining storyline was leaping through weeks at a time, that’s the real question.

And there’s still 3 more arcs of setup to cover before I can write this darn Kolpovision party and move on to autumn…

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