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Something’s Cooking 11/29

Something’s Cooking 11/29 published on 14 Comments on Something’s Cooking 11/29

They’re making Russian crescent cookies.

Thorn: And this is my kitchen! Not as big as what the Embassy has, right?

Elisa: No! But we can work with this.

Thorn: Give one of them a taste test!

Elisa: Not until they go in the —


— ahhh!

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Ooohhh no, it interpreted that as an order, didn’t it?

“How easy does this make it for me to hurt you?”


Thorn and Elisa both let their guard down.

Note that Thorn kept offering OPTIONS up until this page. “Stairs or lift?” “No Budget Limits.” “Correct my grammar.”

On Elisa’s part, she forgot the chip was even there, and responded like a normal person would.

Crowns to crullers she’ll be blaming herself next page because she could have just taken a taste, and Thorn will have NONE OF IT because HE should have remembered. He’s the one with every scrap of power, after all.

On a completely unrelated hand: Using the heartsword for parcelling cookie dough: Do you just not have cutlery, Thorn?

Heartsword is WAY sharper than anything else he may have. And I’m not sure about cookie dough, but sometimes the sharper the knife is the better.

Using the heartsword was a suggestion by Elisa (notice the dialogue bubble) – Thorn didn’t actually do it, for exactly the reason that it would be too easy to slice through the counter.

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