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Something’s Cooking 13/29

Something’s Cooking 13/29 published on 1 Comment on Something’s Cooking 13/29

You can tell Thorn is rattled because his grammar keeps slipping.

Thorn: You’re very different to Leif.

Elisa: Well, I’ve only done this for two years. He’s a lifer.

Did you ever . . . accidentally get him zapped?

Thorn: No. I’ve, um, seen it happen. But I didn’t send him into it.

Leif is so . . . cautious. Even when he seems relaxed? It’s like a secret part of him is watching, always. So I feel being watched, and it reminds me not to give orders.

. . . or maybe I’m all wrong. Maybe I do forget, and I just don’t see it, because he is so better at doing the orders.

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