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Hmm, looks like a thunderstorm. Is Elisa going to have to stay overnight?

Also, focusing on Tiernan for this page is pleasing to me. Cats are very important and she is a very good blue loaf.

For maximum inconvenience, I’m guessing if Elisa stays overnight, Thorn gets charged for a second ‘day’ thus buying out Elisa’s contract. Furthermore, the overrun on the rental cost is applied to the fees necessary to fast-track the paperwork to make Elisa a naturalized citizen of Ceannis, and thus only allowed on the Embassy Grounds long enough to:

1: Retrieve what belongings she was allowed as a Servant.
2: Return the clothing she’s wearing.
3: Be escorted off-property by Geirölul and Captain Sigrún to the nearest hospital for retrieval of her microchip.

“Oh no, the nation that practices debt slavery and unwilling medical augmentation has thrown me out and made me a citizen of a nation with a social safety net and culture that actually gives a damn about others!”

…*Peering really hard at the fine print* So is there a problem here or…

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