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Something’s Cooking 15/29

Something’s Cooking 15/29 published on 13 Comments on Something’s Cooking 15/29

Elisa (imaginary): Wow, I sure get why you haven’t been renting Leif for sex now!

Elisa (thinking): . . . okay, sometimes I have more enthusiasm than tact, but even I know better than to go there out loud.

Thorn: With some food we cook it on . . . a long thing with a point? . . . Anyway, these cook on a tray.

Thorn (thinking): Leif would’ve helped me figure out the word for “skewer” there . . .

Tiernan: Mrrr!

Thorn: Tiernan? Is something wrong?

Ooh. That has fire spirits in it.

Elisa: I can’t wait to get home, where we only have normal devastating storms.

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So wait, does that mean a firestorm?

I think so… Now, that leaves the questions:
1: Does that just mean it stinks of burning and ash falls from the sky, or does it actually rain fire?
2: How badly is this going to interfere with Thorn’s wellbeing?

I should note that a firestorm isn’t ‘stinks of burning and ash falling’ or raining fire. I only know this because of my own curiosity, but- well, I’ll put in a link, but think like a tornado on fire or something like that. Here’s a link, if you want to read up:

Nature is terrifying, but also so, so fascinating.

Just in case somebody else is in my same situation, except hasn’t realized it, the comic *is* still being updated. It’s just that this page seems to be stuck as the front page for some of us.

Clearing your cookies may help. That said, it didn’t work in my case.

Admittedly, this note probably won’t be useful, because the comment count for the page is showing up as 7, even though this is probably the 12th comment (at least, 11 are showing for me now.)

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